Good news for employment in Agriculture

A recent press release from our new Deputy Prime Minister is encouraging young Australians to consider a career in Agriculture. 
Minister Joyce said the future food and fibre task will be a massive challenge for both Australia and the world, but it is one that will also create significant opportunities for those wanting to get involved.

“I would strongly encourage our next crop of young Australians to consider fields of study—both undergraduate and post-graduate—that will help them make a strong contribution to our primary industries,” Minister Joyce said.

“Agriculture is an incredibly challenging and rewarding career, feeding and clothing people here and around the world, but it is important young people are aware of the tremendous opportunities available in agriculture, right across the supply chain from paddock to plate, or to the garment factory, as the case may be.

“With Australian agriculture positioning itself as a reliable producer of clean and green food and fibre, students studying agriculture and related courses can look forward to a huge range of research, science, technology and agribusiness careers.

“In fact, the Australian Council of Deans of Agriculture has found that for every graduate from an agriculture-related degree, there are five or six jobs available.

Click here for the full press release.


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