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  • RuralBiz Training's convenient Chemical Card Plus saves you money and time!


    • Are you applying pesticides or using agricultural chemicals in your business?
    • Are you aware that you must be accredited or be liable for a fine or other penalty?
    • This includes all agricultural chemical users - eg 1080, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, pour ons, backliners, fumigants and others
    • Did you know that, in some states, this accreditation must be renewed every 5 years to remain current?
    • Is your chemical accreditation reaching its expiry date?


    If so, our Chemical Card Plus course is designed to meet your needs

    Chemical Card Plus is designed for farmers to meet the requirements for on farm chemical use efficiently and economically.  It provides accreditation for pesticide users at the AQF3 level - the level recommended by authorities for anyone applying pesticides unsupervised eg. farmers.


    Chemical Card Plus is mapped to the following nationally accredited units:

    AHCCHM303 Prepare and apply chemicals

    AHCCHM304 Transport, handle and store chemicals

    AHCPMG301 Control weeds (applicable to QLD residents, available on request)

    AHCCHM201 Apply chemicals under supervision (in some cases)

  • COST

    $190pp (both initial and refresher accreditation), GST exempt. Includes AHCCHM303 Prepare and apply chemicals and AHCCHM604 transport and store chemicals

    Additional $80pp if you would also like to complete AHCPMG301 Control Weeds

    For more information regarding our online training including online groups please call our office on 02 6884 8812


    Distance Education and Face to Face

    If you would like to organise a home study pack (Distance Education kit) or Face to Face training please contact the trainer closest to you to discuss costs and to organise your training

    Alison Hamilton, Wagga Wagga  NSW

    0409 667 011

    Greg Murtha, Coffs Harbour  NSW0417 255 780
    David Worsley, Inverell  NSW0428 255 600
    Reg Kidd, Orange  NSW0407 892 614
    Angela Stewart, Warialda NSW

    0428 882 083



    We offer this course in 4 modes of delivery:

    Online One

    Register and pay at any time for 60 days access to our online learning site, RuralBiz Online where you will find all resources and assessments to complete your accreditation at your own pace. Instructions on how to register are under the "Apply Now" button above.

    Distance Ed

    Contact one of our trainers (details under the Cost tab) to register and receive hard copy materials and a DVD to complete the training at home at times that suit you.  When complete, post the materials back to your trainer for marking.

    Online Group  (run on demand when there is a group of at least 10 participants)

    Attend a group session with a trainer in our interactive online classroom.  You will receive pre-workshop materials and will complete 4 tasks prior to attending the online workshop.  Contact one of our trainers (details under the Cost tab) to register.

    Face to Face (run on demand when there is at least 10 participants in the same area)

    Attend a one day (initial accreditation) or half day (refresher) workshop.  You will receive pre-workshop materials and will complete 4 tasks prior to attending the face to face workshop.  Contact one of our trainers (details under theCost tab) to register.


    Key Benefits

    • Flexible - four different delivery options, find one that suits you
    • Everyone with an internet connection has equal access to training
    • Training is delivered to you - wherever you have internet access
    • No travel time or travel costs
    • Access to online materials 24/7
    • Access to the best trainers who are farmers themselves, not just trainers who can visit your district
    • Work in groups from a wide geographic area
    • Training can continue even if you are travelling or cut off by floods or other natural disasters
    • Assessments are submitted online - fast turnaround times


    Chemical Card Plus provides at least two units towards our Certificate III and Certificate IV agriculture and horticulture courses.  

Chemical Card Plus

Short Course