Pathways to University

Interested in more study? Thinking of going to University? 

Most universities will give credits for previous study you have done with RuralBiz Training.  Make sure you talk to your chosen University about any Certificates or Statements of Attainment you hold.  

University of New England (UNE)

We're proud to partner with UNE in offering the first truly integrated agricultural degree.  This means that units from the Diploma of Agriculture and the Advanced Diploma of Agriculture are also units in the Bachelor of Agricultural Production and Management.  This degree is shown below.  You can choose to exit at any point - Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Associate Degree or Bachelor Degree.  (Note: this degree was previously known as Bachelor of Agrifood Systems).

Full time students do a mixture of  RuralBiz Training and UNE units and will complete the Bachelor degree in three years. 

Other students may choose to study flexibly and externally, completing any stages on their own schedule and at home or on the farm.

Bachelor of Agricultural Production and Management information and structure



Check out what some of our graduating students have to say about this course.

For more information watch this video from UNE

UNE Bachelor of Agricultural Production and Management

In this short vid, Dr Janelle Wilkes gives us the lowdown on the new Bachelor of Agricultural Production and Management. It's a unique course that combines vocational and university units, and you can do it even without completing Year 12. It's extremely flexible, with multiple pathways, and you can do it on-campus or online, part-time or full-time. It's the Bachelor course that rewards your existing real-world experience. Learn more at

Posted by UNE Agriculture on Wednesday, September 27, 2017