Lynette Dunn

Name: Lynette Dunn

Location: Coolabah, NSW

Course(s) Studied: Diploma of Agribusiness Management

Lynette Dunn has a simple explanation for why she chose to undertake a Diploma of Rural Business Management through RuralBiz Training.

In Lynette’s words, “you need to keep learning or you get left behind.”

Since completing her schooling, Lynette has continued to study through various short courses and information days, believing they are as important to your farm business as your investment in livestock and machinery.

“Everyone on the land should be involved in training and learning new things,” Lynette said.

“It keeps you in line with current practices and helps to further educate you in the things you do on a daily basis.”

Lynette took a special interest in the Understanding Farm Financial Statements which focuses on gaining a greater understanding of your tax return and financial records.

“The Understanding Farm Financial Statements course was outstanding,” Lynette said.

“I’ve always watched our tax returns, I think after working for 12 months you want to be getting everything you’re entitled to from your tax return not just signing the form without understanding what’s in it.

“I’m now able to go through our tax and financial records with our accountant so the Diploma has been of great benefit.”

Lynette handles all the book work at her and her family’s combined 12,732 ha properties “Bundong” and “Mayfield” at Coolabah, NSW.