Paulette Davis

Name: Paulette Davis

Location: Bundarra, NSW

Course(s) Studied: Diploma of Agriculture

After completing her Diploma of Agriculture, Paulette Davis is certain she now has more systems in place to better serve her farming enterprise.

Paulette believes the training has improved her balance between simply getting the work done and having an account of where everything is up to.

“After doing the training we’ve now got more systems in place which is making it a lot easier for us to keep track of where we are up to,” Paulette said.

“We have a more extensive records system which lets us pick up from where we left off quicker and more smoothly when we return to that work.”

It was the farm mapping unit of the Diploma of Agriculture that sparked Paulette’s interest in pursuing some training, and she is pleased it has been very relevant to her farm work.

“The farm map has been very useful,” she said.

“We have used GPS in the past but we have found the farm mapping to be more accurate in terms of getting the sizes of paddocks right.

“When we have had fencing to do it has saved a lot of time, energy and costs so that has been very pleasing.”

Paulette runs a 2000acre sheep and cattle property at Bundarra.