Peter Robertson

Name: Peter Robertson

Course(s) Studied: Advanced Diploma of Agribusiness Management

Despite not actively studying for over 30 years, Peter Robertson not only found himself capable of completing the Advanced Diploma of Rural Business Management, he has even enjoyed it.

“It’s been enjoyable really, which was a welcome surprise,” he said.

Peter was also pleased he didn’t find the return to study too difficult, despite it being the first training he had done since completing studies at university many years ago.

“It was relatively straight forward and I didn’t have too much difficulty,” he said.

“Probably the hardest thing is to find time when you are really busy but RuralBiz Training is very flexible which is a massive bonus.”

Peter believes the main advantage of the Advanced Diploma of Rural Business Management course is that it has got him to look at his farming in a more objective manner.

“It has helped me to have a different look at what I’m doing,” he said.

“I have found this type of training to be very useful and practical.

“I am now looking at forward selling my wool which I have only given serious thought to since doing this study.”