Rob Anderson

Name: Rob Anderson

Location: Coonabarabran, NSW

Course(s) Studied: Advanced Diploma of Agribusiness Management

Rob Anderson runs a 7,000 acre beef cattle grazing enterprise between Mullaley and Coonabarabran, NSW. Having recently completed the Advanced Diploma of Rural Business Management through RuralBiz Training, Rob has ignited an interest that he didn’t know that he had. “I left school early but now, in my older age I have discovered that I actually enjoy learning and want to do more of it” Rob explained.

The Advanced Diploma allowed Rob to pull together the numerous courses that he had completed over the years and, combined with a few other subjects offered by RuralBiz Training, provided him with formal recognition of his knowledge and skills.

“My approach to the management of the property now is far more rigorous than before I did the course” Rob said of his new way of thinking about the business. “It has made me stop and analyse my decisions, generating a more thorough outcome”.

Rob is looking forward to continuing to study and is considering undertaking a Masters as recommended by RuralBiz Training in the future.