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Refund Policy (Fees paid by learner)

Students who withdraw from their enrolled unit(s) of study BEFORE the published census date will receive a fee refund (if the student has made payment) or no liability will be incurred (if the student has chosen to use a VET Student Loan).

If a student withdraws from an enrolled unit of study AFTER the census date, NO refund is applicable. Students may be eligible for a refund or remittance of VET Student Loan liability if they withdraw after the census date only if they can demonstrate special circumstances and with approval from the RuralBiz Training CEO.

If RuralBiz Training cancels or ceases to provide training, we will issue a full refund for any services not yet provided. The basis for determining “not yet provided” is based on the units of competency completed by the student and which can be issued in a Statement of Attainment at the time the service is ceased.

Example: A learner was enrolled in a course of 10 units with a total course fee of $9000. The learner had paid $1,500 up front. The course was cancelled due to trainer illness and the learner at that time had completed 1 unit of the 10 units. The learner’s enrolment would be finalised and the learner would receive a Statement of Attainment for the one completed unit. The learner would also receive a refund of $600 which represents the value of the training paid for but not delivered.

Note: The above processes apply to payments made by the client to RuralBiz Training. Applications for remission/waiver of VET Student Loans debt are subject to the conditions given on the Study Assist website www.studyassist.gov.au

Replacement of texts and training materials

Students who require replacement of issued texts, workbooks or other training materials will be liable for additional charges to cover the cost of the replacement. Where a student purchases a text, workbook or training materials and subsequently cancels the enrolment, no refund for these items is payable.