Climate Risk & Farming Webinars

Climate Risk & Farming Webinars

15 Feb, 2021

Climate Risk & Farming Webinar Series

Join RuralBiz Training & Melissa Rebbeck for a three part webinar series on climate risks and management for farmers.

Wednesday 24th February

 Climate Risk Management - understand climate and weather risks for your farm, climate drivers and interpreting outlook information, prepare for climate risks on your farm

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 Wednesday 10th March 

Climate Change - a look at climate change trends and projections, how farmers have adapted to change and opportunities to plan for climate change over the short, medium and longer term

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Wednesday 24th March

Adaptation and mitigation of climate change (drought preparation and management). Understanding the carbon cycle, carbon sequestration and soil health management, water infiltration and water use efficiency, regenerative agriculture, other options to adapt and mitigate climate change in agriculture.