Succession Planning Webinar Series

Succession Planning Webinar Series (2012)

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Succession planning is a key issue for family farms. If successful, it helps the farm business continue as planned by the current owners. If unsuccessful, it can result in fractured family relationships and a damaged farm business. This series provides farmers and families a valuable insight into what farm succession is and the different factors associated when establishing and implementing a succession plan. Our webinars are a free service however you must be registered to take part.

Proposed outcomes: The aim of the webinar series is to give a greater awareness to Succession Planning and the impact it has on a farm family. This impact can occur in several ways hence the five topics we have chosen to focus on. Succession Planning can be a streamlined process when done properly, however without the necessary information and expertise it can potentially bring an end to the farm business and to family relationships.

Succession Planning webinar series (click on a topic below to view the Webinar)

Topic 1 – Communication (July 10)

Topic 2 – Intergenerational and in-law issues (July 18)

Topic 3 – Financial aspects (July 24)

Topic 4 – Legal aspects (August 7)

Topic 5 – Options in retirement and possible exemptions (August 16)