Greg Brow

Name: Greg Brow

Age: 41

Location: Adelaide, SA

Course(s) Studied: Diploma of Agriculture

Provide some background details, what you farm, is it a family enterprise etc.

My family has a farm at Inman Valley which is for raising and selling Poll Hereford. This is run as hobby farm currently to keep my father busy after his retirement over 10 years ago.

Did you feel the training was relevant to your work on the farm?

The training was helpful for me particularly when it came to understanding different views of farming, my father is very much based on his previous experiences back in England when he was a teenager.Learning various methods on how to change the farm from a business that just returns the investment to a farm that can actually make a profit, this course was very informative with ideas and how to plan for that future.

Do you feel like you have changed/ improved how you work on the farm because of the training?

Pure knowledge, as I am currently a helper but since doing this course I have been able to help implement further safety measures missed by my family in the past.Knowledge of ground cover (weeds) and other issues as paddock usage has improved over the past 2 years.

Do you feel like the trainers and resources provided during your training were helpful?

Personally my angel, she was brilliant when I went through a rough patch and struggled to get my studies completed. Amazing how simple communications by a person who was genuine with their approach motivates you to get back on track and complete the course.

Sarah from the main office was also a great help too, whenever I needed help or advice she was always there.

The study materials were some of the easiest and clearest material I have ever used, my only struggle was to convert some into urban life as I did not always have access to the farm, the tutors were more than accommodating with this and allowed and suggested various ways to complete certain units to their standard.

Would you recommend the course to others?

I would highly recommend Ruralbiz as a training provider. I would imagine all their courses are run as good as the one I just completed. I am looking in the near future to go on to the next course through Ruralbiz.

What was the best thing about studying with RuralBiz Training?

Compared to other courses (TAFE) I have done in the past, this is the most organised and trusting training company going, I was provided the materials apart from a unit I decided to do on my own where I had to purchase the software. I have never been provided a text book before in any other course and it was very much appreciated. The website was brilliant to navigate and as much as I say I didn’t like the forums, I did learn many things I could discuss with my parents, using knowledge from farmers in NSW.

What’s next for you? Will you do more training or do you have plans to use your skills towards a project?

I was running two courses at once, as I am retraining myself for the future, I am working on accounting on my other course, once this is completed in 5 months I will look to come back and complete the next stage of the training, hopefully then I will have the knowledge to take over the farm from my father who is passing 80, so while he is strong I am taking the opportunity to improve all my knowledge to have all things ready to take over when he is ready.

What do you LOVE about living on the land?

When I am at the farm I am free, no noisy neighbours, not fearing for my kids stepping out on a road, love everything about the country living apart from the non-mains water. But I am sure I can survive. I feel I am just suited for the country.

Anything else you would like us to know?

Thank you for the way the course is ran, it was by far the best learning experience of my life, coming from a person who cannot study that well, this course was easy for me to understand. Much appreciated and will see you again soon.