Harry Tomlinson

Name: Harry Tomlinson

Age: 21

Location: Dubbo, NSW

Course(s) Studied: Chemical Card Plus, Diploma of Agriculture

“Being able to move around and undertake a Diploma has been great for me.” This was one of the biggest motivators for Harry to enrol with RuralBiz Training. Harry, from Dubbo in NSW understood the importance of understanding different approaches to farm management and what makes a business successful - important knowledge to achieve his goal of owning his own piece of land sometime in the future. Hence, Harry made the decision to start his studying journey with a part qualification that focused on soil management. 

The impact of the recent drought on his employer’s property along with the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic on the value of cotton and the slowing process of beetroot has encouraged further his agricultural education. “Gaining a better understanding of the fundamental management skills for an agricultural production system will help me to better understand ensure the development of the Agricultural industry."

While studying the Diploma of Agriculture, Harry has been able to travel across Australia working. “I'm currently working on an irrigation and dryland farm enterprise north of Clermont, and plan to follow the grain harvest south.” With Ruralbiz Training offering very flexible courses it has allowed me to keep progressing through my units. Just be giving the people in the office the heads up about my location, I am able to get the necessary resources to complete my courses.

"RuralBiz Training was the best study option for me, and I would recommend it!"