Helen Hunt

Name: Helen Hunt

Age: 40

Location: Winchelsea, Victoria

Course(s) Studied: Diploma of Agriculture

Helen Hunt from Winchelsea Victoria is a mother of 6 kids aged between 21 and 8 years old. “I have been a full-time mum since I was 18. I have 2 girls out of home now independent and my remaining 4 boys I home school full time and have for nearly 10 years now.” Not only does Helen look after her family, but she is also a Country Fire Authority (CFA) volunteer of 13 years. She breaks and trains horses as a hobby in her spare time whilst also working on a casual basis on a “beautiful farm not far from my home that produces winter cereal crops and fine merino wool”.


“The best part of my job is my boss farms part of his farm using the old school farming methods, being a team of horses and horse drawn farm implements. We cut chaff with an old school chaff cutter or a horse works. Once a year hay is cut with a binder. My sons and I also do a little blacksmithing with my boss who is teaching us these old school trades that were once a big part of farm life.” Each year the family also do demonstrations at the local agricultural show and vintage machinery rally that demonstrates to the public, old school farming methods that many people can only learn about in a book. “It brings so much joy to see folk who remember these machines and equipment once used by their grandparents come to life again and fill them with beautiful childhood memories.”

 For Helen, the decision to go back and study took a great deal of courage. “I doubted myself at first  and even wondered if I was too old. But with children growing up, I soon found a new time in my life was beginning. I have discovered new farming methods that I am now very passionate about and wish to learn about further. Like riding a bike, it had been over 20 years since I last wrote an essay and yet I was able to pick up the skill within weeks again.”


“Taking the plunge to study again has done more for me than I can say, and it was well worth the risk. I am incredibly lucky to not only work in an industry that fills me with absolute joy, but I can still enjoy the wonderful job of being a mum and doing life with my kids were they at times get to learn along with me. It has been well worth the hard work.”