Kaylie Simpfendorfer

Name: Kaylie Simpfendorfer

Age: 31

Location: Kununurra, WA

Course(s) Studied: Diploma of Agriculture

As a child I loved visiting my grandparents on their farm, but when they got too old and no one wanted to take it over, they ended up selling it while I was in primary school.
Since then I have always loved being outdoors, but not having the farm to grow and learn from I spent 10 years in different industries finding out all the jobs I didn’t want as a career, only to come full circle and fall back in love with farming as an adult. I have worked on cattle stations as a station hand and been fencing all over the Kimberley, and am currently working on a cropping station in Kununurra that I absolutely love and have recently been promoted to Farm Manager. I want to learn as much as I can and I know that a Diploma of Agriculture will help me to begin my career with a wealth of knowledge.

Farming is our future – farming provides Australia with fresh food to eat, materials for our clothing and fodder for our livestock. I am passionate about improving farming practices, inspiring farmers to farm more sustainably and helping farmers to promote their products and get paid adequately for all of the hard work that they do. The Diploma of Agriculture is helping me to achieve these goals by teaching me about agricultural principles and how to effectively run a farm.