Leah Wilkinson

Name: Leah Wilkinson

Age: 30

Location: TAS

Course(s) Studied: Diploma of Horticulture

If you can provide some background details, what you farm, is it a family enterprise etc.

I work as a gardener, with my partner, in the city and also on properties outside the city.

Do you feel the training is relevant to your work on the farm?

The training I received from the Diploma of Horticulture has been exceptional. I feel confidant giving horticultural advice to my clients.  

Do you feel like you have changed/ improved how you work on the farm because of the training?

Yes, especially in regards to safe chemical handling, land management, pests and disease identification and IPM.

What was the best thing about studying with RuralBiz Training?

The flexibility of studying at home whilst juggling work and everyday life. And the joyful correspondence with trainers and angels.

What’s next for you (after completing your qualification)? Will you do more training, or do you have plans to use your skills towards a project?

Take on more serious jobs in the industry and hopeful approach the city council with plans to introduce edible natives to Tasmanian community parks.