Leigh Marsden

Name: Leigh Marsden

Age: 37

Location: Armidale

Course(s) Studied: Diploma of Agriculture

‘How to grow my small Wiltipoll stud into a large commercially successful enterprise?’ That was the question Leigh Marsden was asking herself at the beginning of 2021. Leigh, from Guyra in NSW understood she needed to grow her farm management skills and improve her breeding and production planning for her enterprise to be successful and started researching courses to improve her knowledge. 

 “I wanted a course that was practical but would help me develop both production and farm business skills. When I came across the Destination Australia Scholarships that RuralBiz Training was offering it felt like a really good opportunity.” 

Destination Australia Scholarships provide financial support for people to study in regional areas and RuralBiz Training specialises in top quality training for farmers in agriculture and agribusiness. Assessments and resources have been designed to develop practical plans that you can implement on your farm.  Scholarship funding is available to people who want to study the Diploma of Agriculture and or the Advanced Diploma of Agribusiness Management in Armidale NSW. Scholarships are valued at $15,000 per year paid directly to the student and more than covers your course fees. Students choose to major in cropping or livestock management.

 “I feel so fortunate to be able to access this scholarship, the financial support has been great and  RuralBiz Training offers a great blend of hands-on experience - being able to meet with local farmers to discuss their operations has been invaluable. It’s challenged my perceptions of farming and encouraged me to think outside the box when it comes to my own farm planning.” Leigh’s advice for prospective students: “Dive right in & don’t hesitate to take opportunities to network with people, you never know where a conversation might lead you!”