Lillian Reardon

Name: Lillian Reardon

Age: 38

Location: Huon Valley, TAS

Course(s) Studied: Diploma of Agribusiness Management

I live in the Huon Valley in Southern Tasmania with my husband and children. We operate a free range pig farm, while also helping on Damien's family orchards and cattle farm.

I have found the Diploma of Agribusiness course to be extremely helpful and interesting. I don't think there is a unit where I haven't learnt something new. It is great to be studying something practical to the management of our farm business. I have gained much more confidence in the financial aspects of our business and the succession management unit has been particularly helpful for both myself and my husband as we currently navigate through non-existent/late succession planning. The Agforums are a great way to hear about what others are doing on their farms around the country. 

The Rural Business Training team are all approachable, extremely knowledgeable and friendly - they make starting or returning to study less daunting - and they understand and are flexible as they understand how much of a juggle it can be working on a farm/ running a household and studying.