Pauline ONeill

Name: Pauline ONeill

Location: Nelungaloo, NSW

Course(s) Studied: Advanced Diploma of Agribusiness Management

If you can provide some background details, what you farm, is it a family enterprise etc.

I run a farm with my husband and three children at Nelungaloo, near Parkes in the Central West of NSW. We have just recently purchased another farm at Wirrinya near Forbes. We started running cattle but changed to cross bred lamb production around 8 years ago. Don't do any major cropping just lucerne for our animals, rotating with oats and barley. Started feed lotting our lambs last year where before they were only paddock finished.

Do you feel the training is relevant to your work on the farm?

Very much, while doing the training I realised how much I didn't know! It has opened up a lot of information and knowledge. I have already put major changes into practice regarding my soil and its management.

Do you feel like you have changed/ improved how you work on the farm because of the training?

I have been able to look at different ways of farming and livestock production. I can make decisions with the confidence to be able to change the way things are done. Learning how the soil lives and reacts to what we do to it, how crops are affected and helped by integrated pest management.

Do you feel like the trainers and resources provided during your training were helpful?

Yes I had great trainers and I have had Angela as my Angel since my first ever courses with Ruralbiz in 2012. When you contact the office everyone is always helpful and always response to your questions, thanks Sarah. Enough information is given for you to complete the assignments as well as getting you to find more to complete them better. I do not have great internet service so textbooks and not all the downloads did help with some of the modules.

Would you recommend the course to others?

Yes, any modules through Ruralbiz are done with no pressure, you are told when they are due and to always ask for help if you need it. You are contacted to make sure you are on track and that everything is okay.

What was the best thing about studying with RuralBiz Training?

The people who you have contact with, and the studying itself. I haven't completed this much studying since leaving high school. And to be able to pass the information onto everyone else in the family so the whole family can make decisions together.

What’s next for you (after completing your qualification)? Will you do more training, or do you have plans to use your skills towards a project?

The skills I have learnt are already being used. From fixing the soils on our farm and livestock planning and production for our new farm. I have just signed up through TafeNSW to complete a Certificate IV in book keeping, this will complement the farm finance modules I have already done with Ruralbiz.

What do you LOVE about living on the land?

Just about everything, except working outside in the freezing cold. I love working for ourselves and making our own decisions.Working with my family and watching the kids grow and learn and be able to approach any job with confidence. I love seeing the new lambs playing in the paddocks and when the older lambs are finished and ready to go to the sales. I love being able to look after the land and know that what we are doing will benefit us as well as future generations.