Peter & Amanda Mahy

Name: Peter & Amanda Mahy

Age: 33 & 35

Location: Boggabri, NSW

Course(s) Studied: Diploma of Agriculture

If you can provide some background details, what you farm, is it a family enterprise etc.

Our family is involved in the business of Wagyu cattle production- it is very early stages, however some exciting changes and big moves for us in this space are on the not too far away horizon. We are really looking forward to making our mark on the Wagyu industry whilst embracing the challenges with enthusiasm.

Do you feel the training is relevant to your work on the farm?

Yes. We firmly believe education is the key to successfully controlling some of the variables in the agricultural industry. To be able to form your own opinion based on a strong foundation of knowledge, then apply the experience you have and challenge the ideas of others to establish the best strategy is an invaluable tool.

Do you feel like you have changed/ improved how you work on the farm because of the training?

Most definitely. With every unit we complete, a new aspect is always being added and considered when looking at the entire operation from a holistic viewpoint.

Do you feel like the trainers and resources provided during your training were helpful?

Yes. Trainers and all staff are very efficient and promptly assist when required. It is reassuring that we are on the right track when through the course of learning it becomes obvious that the trainers are all highly educated and subject matter experts in their field.

Would you recommend the course to others?

Yes. Don’t be hesitant to have a go, don’t underestimate your ability. There is so much learning support available to help overcome barriers; be it literacy, numeracy, time management, or financial. If you want to make a change in your life or wish you were doing something else- do it; only you can change it, and only you are responsible for your choices.

What was the best thing about studying with RuralBiz Training?

The flexibility. You can study and do your assessment when and where you want. You don’t have to be somewhere at an allocated time or date. You could be driving the tractor whilst tuning in to a broadcast on budgeting and financial reporting; or driving around checking stock whilst chatting to other aspiring farmers on the other side of the continent in an Ag forum. The resources are mostly online, you can do your text or article readings on your smoko break from your phone or I pad.

What’s next for you (after completing your qualification)? Will you do more training, or do you have plans to use your skills towards a project?

Because we are only able to study part- time in amongst getting this business off the ground and both being shift workers in outside industries; as well as doing our best to raise our 2 year old son Jack, and 3 year old daughter Anna; we anticipate that if all goes to plan (2 subjects units a semester, for 3 semesters a year), we will complete our Bachelor degree in the Summer Semester of 2022. I anticipate at that stage we will be having a little bit of a break from study and re-assess the direction we are going with our careers and the business. I definitely would not rule out the possibility of further education to support the development of our business plans.

What do you LOVE about living on the land?

The beauty of the wide open spaces. The underlying concept that by caring for the land to utilise it to its maximum sustainable potential, we are able to optimise the quantity and quality of the product we supply to the greater population.

Anything else you would like us to know?

How appreciative we are of the support we have received from both Rural Biz and Future Farmers Network. The encouragement helps us to keep going, keep trying, and keep our goal in sight when times are tough.